President's Remarks

Dedication and Adherence to Quality Research

Since the idea of establishing the National Centre for Studies (NCS), based in the Egyptian capital Cairo, was proposed, the question arose as to the possible contribution that the Centre could provide with the constellation of think tanks, research centers and studies that are active locally, regionally and internationally.

The question prompted the NCS founders and staff to actively search for a new agenda that may promise and warrant uniqueness and distinction as imperatives for success and sustainability. In recent years, the emergence of numerous think tanks and studies, besides the associated professional competition, all have contributed toward a significant increase and development in authoritative production in terms of form and contentAs part of their search for the agenda, the NCS’s Board of Trustees have concluded that the goals and activities of the Centre should extend far and beyond what is typical; that’s, analyzing the events and activities that strike the whole world, and sharing the findings and/ or accomplishments with interested parties and target groups. In lieu, the NCS Council rather finds creativity not only in researching and examining of files and lost issues that have not received due attention of the intellectuals, but also in suggesting new perspectives dealing with the files at the top of the list of interests of different research bodies. These points of distinction appear in the Centre’s publications and activities, which of course do not overlook the importance of making a difference among followers and target audience.

Therefore, NCS keenly uses experts and researchers to study the issues which the Centre deems important and/ or issues related to countries of the Middle East, the Arab region and Africa which are of particular interest as the world’s centerpiece and the stage of operations for its great powers. We pray that the Center may succeed and that our team may realize the past and analyze the present in order to prepare for the future.

Ahmad al-Shahabi, MG – NCS President